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March 26th, 2021

ellie 3.jpg

Female 1: Copper with black and white trim. More reserved in play and likes to watch. She is my thinker. Check out the adorable black tail with the white tip! Reserved, Maria, Caldwell Idaho

IMG_E1133 (2).JPG

Female 2: Blue Merle with Copper points. Playful and sweet.  Reserved Amy, San Francisco

Blue 2.jpeg
blue 1.jpeg

Female 3: Blue Merle. The most social of the puppies.

Reserved Kim, California

Blue Merle Female 4.jpg


Blue merle 2.jpeg
blue merle 3.jpeg

Male 1: Black Tri 
Very wavy coat, beautiful copper markings. This guy is confident and likes to explore. With new people he is just a little shy but warms up quickly.  Reserved, Briana, Washington

Tri Male a.jpg
Black Tri Male.jpg
tri male d.jpg
Puppy all grown up 1.png

Male 2: Black and white abstract, loves to be snuggled and held. Curly coat and soft green eyes. Very people oriented. Reserved, Chantel, Olympia Washington

IMG_E1933 (2).JPG

Male 3: Wonderful temperament. Loves to play and 
explore. He is a happy happy puppy. Reserved, Joe, Seattle Washington

male 3 e.jpg
male 3 k.jpg
Male 3 l.jpg
Male 3 n.jpg

Male 4: Dark brown with black trim. One of the quietest puppies neat facial markings.

Reserved Maxwell, Kodak Alaska

axl 1.jpeg
Axl 3.jpeg
Axl 2.jpeg
Male 2 a.jpeg

Male 5: Black Tuxedo. This puppy has a full body stripe of white. He is one of the first to greet me and loves to play. Reserved, Emily, Bozeman Montana

male 2b.jpeg
male 2.jpeg

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