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Non Shedding

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Our puppies are exposed to loud noises, lawn mowers, strangers, children, a variety of activities to stimulate mind and physical body, AND CATS (watch video)

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Great Family Pets

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Peanut is very smart, I think it's because she has a great mom and dad. She has done her potty training, sit, lay down, high five, spinning, pretending dead and etc. It wasn't even hard to train her. 

Thanks for letting us have such a great puppy! 16 weeks, Kelly Lee

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We are all in love with Fina. She has been such a fun and special addition to our family. She has a very sweet disposition. She loves to play with other dogs and has been really gentle with the girls and their friends. She’s been really healthy-no issues. She weighed 48 lBs about 1 week ago. 

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Happy 1st

Birthday Macki!!!

We absolutely love him and cannot believe he is already one. He is a bundles of joy in our lives and our families absolutely love him. He is very well trained and does a lot of great tricks! He loves to swim with us, go on hikes and absolutely will do anything for the end of the peanut butter jar. He loves the beach and laying in the sand. There isn't anything this sweet boy doesn't like. Karalyn and Rylee


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 Daisy lost her blue eyes but she’s still beautiful. She is very sweet and super smart. She always gets compliments on her walk and people always ask where we got her. Thanks so much for adding her to our family!
Terri, Colin and Cooper

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Not going to brag but I need to. My Aussiedoodle Ella: doesn't shed, has never chewed up anything, dosen't dig, sleeps all night, was a breeze to potty train, ISN'T HYPER, loves my toddler grandchildren and is basically a perfect AussieDoodle. Jan





"Bodhi has been such an awesome addition to the family!  He has been so even tempered since the day we brought him home, and just wants to be friends with everyone.  Doesn't matter if it's another dog, young child or grandma/grandpa, he is always approachable and good natured.  This lil' guy (46lbs at 6 months old) is totally content snuggling while watching a movie, running around with other dogs, or playing fetch.  It's been a treat watching him grow and learn, and we look forward to more fun and even more belly-rubs in the future!"



-Chris & Julianne

Her coloring is really unique and she’s lightened up quite a bit. She’s pretty energetic and likes her attention but super super sweet.  I’m certain she would never bite anyone which is comforting with how big she’s getting! Gets along with other dogs great but gets a little excited with new people but we’re working on it. Her eyes went from blue, to yellowish brown. They’re beautiful! I absolutely love her coat, she is still the softest dog I think I’ve ever felt. Also nice she has relaxed waves versus tight curls. Getting her was such a good decision and I am so unbelievably happy that she’s ours!It only takes about 5 minutes to teach her something new. She knows to ring bells on our door to be let outside to potty, sit, shake and lay down. She knew all that by about 6 months old. Also, we’ve been working with her to find deer/elk horns. Which turns out she’s amazing at. She caught on to that stunningly fast. She is SO smart! 

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