Our Sires and Dams

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Jack - Sire

AKC Registered/CKC Registererd

"Arena Valley Acres General Jumping Jack "

Jack is a very well built standard poodle who makes me laugh all the time. He is a very people oriented dog and is my go to companion if I just want to be loved on. Jack is a pleaser and has a wonderful tight curly coat that is super soft. 

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Koda Bear - Sire

AKC Registered/ASCA Registered

Koda Bear is a big boned incredibly sweet tempered guy. He gets along with everyone on our farm and would be considered low drive. This big guy is a dream to own and hang out with. I couldn't ask for more from a companion.

Registration: AKC & ASCA

DNA: Clear, 1 Copy Mdr1

Sex: Male

Size: Weight - 60lbs, Height - 21"

Color: Black Tri, red factored

Eyes: Brown

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Koda has a lot of champions in his pedigree!

Ellie - Dam

"Arena Valley Acres Sweet For a Treat"

AKC Registered/ASCA Registered

Health testing through Pawprints


Ellie is a gorgeous blue merle with a great personality and would be considered low drive. She loves to play, will come quickly for a treat, and would like to just hang out with you all day. Ellie is a stockier Australian Shepherd, has variegated eye coloring and a thick wavy coat. Elle only comes into heat once a year so her litters are extra special to us.



Poppy 2.jpeg

AKC, A Little Bit of Jazz, Small Standard Poodle.

Poppy is a delight! She never has a bad day and is a happy, happy girl. Poppy loves to run, bounce, and oozes JOY! A gorgeous sable coat that is beautiful whether shaved or long adds to Poppy's beauty. 


Sophie is retired and is living the doggy dream in Forks Washington

Duchess Phantom Racer "Sophie" is an AKC  Registered Standard Poodle. She is a very mellow, loving dog and wants nothing more than to hang out with you and be your friend. Sophie is patient with her puppies and has been an excellent mom. The temperament on our puppies is Perfect! 


Nyah - Dam/Retired

AKC Registered

ASCA Registererd

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Nyah is a beautiful red merle Aussie with a natural herding instinct. She prefers to hang out with the family, is loyal and protective of our property. Nyah loves to be held and prefers to sit in a lap if you will let her.