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Sires and Dames

koda 2.jpg

Koda Bear - Sire

AKC Registered/ASCA Registered

Koda Bear is a big boned incredibly sweet tempered guy. He gets along with everyone on our farm and would be considered low drive. This big guy is a dream to own and hang out with. I couldn't ask for more from a companion.

Registration: AKC & ASCA

DNA: Clear, 1 Copy Mdr1

Sex: Male

Size: Weight - 55lbs, Height - 21"

Color: Black Tri, red factored

Eyes: Brown

koda bear 2.jpg
OFA-Results Koda.jpg
koda bear 1.jpg
Koda bear 3.jpg
PEDIGREE koda.jpg
Paw-Prints koda.jpeg

Koda has a lot of champions in his pedigree!



AKC, A Little Bit of Jazz, Small Standard Poodle.

Poppy is a delight! She never has a bad day and is a happy, happy girl. Poppy loves to run, bounce, and oozes JOY! A gorgeous sable coat that is beautiful whether shaved or long adds to Poppy's beauty. Poppy has produced both aussiedoodles and poodles for our program.

ellie 3.jpg
IMG_2083 (1).jpeg

Ellie - Dam

"Arena Valley Acres Sweet For a Treat"

AKC Registered/ASCA Registered

Health testing through Pawprints

Ellie is RETIRED!

Poppy 2.jpeg

Ellie is a gorgeous blue merle with a great personality and would be considered low drive. She loves to play, will come quickly for a treat, and would like to just hang out with you all day. Ellie is a stockier Australian Shepherd, has variegated eye coloring and a thick wavy coat. Elle only comes into heat once a year so her litters are extra special to us.

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