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We are located outside of Parma, Idaho and live in a quiet rural area.  My program is small to keep it about the quality and enjoyment of breeding successfully and responsibly.  We breed for temperament and health first and foremost. As a breeder I want my puppies to go to families who are looking for a loving family pet, not a show dog. Our puppies are whelped in our home and then moved to the "puppy palace" at an appropriate age. I raise my puppies with the Puppy Culture protocol, Bad Ass Breeder and  Avid Dog resources. The puppies are interacted with and learning daily. All of our breeding dogs have health testing completed and are registered with the AKC , ASCA (Australian Shepherd), or ASDR. We offer a 2 year health guarantee on our puppies. Email me for more information:


Our Dogs are Purebred, Registered and genetically tested through Paw Prints or Embark.


We have invested in and use the Puppy Culture program to help our puppies become the best pets. Puppy Culture is a program that starts before the puppies are born and then continues with developmental lessons through 12 weeks. It is a lot of work and commitment, but worth it. 

Avid Dog and BAB Breeder Resources are used to enhance our program and the quality of our puppies.

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We are an approved member of the Good Dog Breeder program. Good Dog is helping to educate and steer puppy buyers away from scammers and puppy mills. Good Dog has an extensive screening process and only approves responsible breeders.

All of our breeding dogs are health tested prior to breeding. Our dogs are tested clear on diseases, and have coloring and trait testing completed. 

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Delivery options are available and included in the price of the puppy depending on location.

Puppies are vaccinated, wormed on a two week rotation and receive a health clearance before going to their new homes. 

Our puppies are exposed to loud noises, lawn mowers, strangers, children, a variety of activities to stimulate mind and physical body, AND CATS (watch video)

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