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Litter 8/5/2020
Jack #4.jpg




5 Girls and 5 Boys
IMG_8477 (2).JPG

Cream Male

    Male #1

Weight on 9/6 was 3 lbs and 11.2 0z. Male #1 has two white tipped back feet and a small white strip on his chest.  His coloring is a soft blond with some white throughout his under coat. He is a little more hesitant in exploring but loves to rough house and play.  

Golden Male two.jpeg
Black Male White Strip chin.jpeg
Male white strip chin 2.jpeg

Male #2 is one of the largest male puppy and the most mellow. He loves to play but he also loves to sit and watch the happenings around him. I can often find him at my feet waiting his turn for snuggles. A small white stripe on his chest and a few hairs at the bottom of his lip are his markings. Weight on 9/6 was

Male #2

Male 3 tiny.jpeg

Male #3


Male 3 tiny white hairs.jpeg
Male 3 tiny hairs.jpeg

Introduction to Water

male 2 and 3.jpeg

Male #3 Sitting &

Male #2 Lying Down

Male #3 is the smallest male and the orneriest. Sometimes he is super sweet and just wants to snuggle and other times you can see him playing king of the pack. This little guy is very loving, likes to snuggle and give kisses. Weight on 9/6 was 

Reserved Taylor Family

Reserved Marsha

Male 5 Apricot a.jpeg

Male #4 is a light apricot or a dark cream depending on your viewpoint (and the lighting). He has just a tiny white stripe on his chest and white tipped back toes. Male #4 is a confident puppy and he likes to explore and try out new toys. He likes to be loved on, but there are adventures awaiting! Weight on 9/6 was

Cats are Friends!

Male #4

Reserved Diane

Male 5 Apricot.jpeg
Light Apricot.jpeg
Male 4 white chest.jpeg

Male #5

Male #5 is the largest male and the dominant puppy in the pack. He likes to play rough and tumble but has a sensitive side also.  This puppy is one of the first to greet me and checks back with me often to get hugs and kisses. He has a white blaze on his chest and small white hairs on various other parts of his body. Puppy #5 weighed 

Male 4 white strip .jpeg

Reserved Anthony

All of them.jpeg
Black girl 1 a.jpeg
Black girl 1 AB.jpeg

Girl #1

Girl #1 is solid black except for a few white hairs at the bottom of her lip and on the bottom of her feet. She is the biggest female and weighed 

This little girl is fairly mellow and quiet. Although she loves the slide and smelling the dirt!

IMG_E8647 (2).JPG

5 Weeks

Black girl 4.jpeg

Reserved Katie

Girl #2

Girl 2ab.jpeg

Girl #2 has a little bit of white on her chin and chest. Her back right foot is tipped in white. This little girl loves to play and run and is great about being held and snuggled on. If a puppy could laugh this one would, she is happy, happy!

Girl 3 Thumbelina.jpeg
Thumb 2.jpeg

Girl #3 is the smallest girl in the litter. I call her Thumbelina and she is a doll! Don't let her size fool you. This girl has the most spunk, courage, confidence, and loves to explore. Current weight on 9/9 was 3 lbs 7 ozs.

Girl #3




Reserved Sheila

Evening Dinner.jpeg
hanging out.jpeg
Joy 2.jpeg

Girl #4

If I were to name this girl it would be JOY! She is the second smallest female and she loves to sit in my lap and give kisses. Joy would prefer to hang out with me and snuggle and adventure can wait. She is mostly black with just a few tiny hairs on her bottom lip and the tip of her left foot is white.

Cream girl girl 5.jpeg

Girl #5

Girl #5 is a sweetheart that loves to play and give kisses. Always one of the first to greet me and her tail goes a hundred miles an hour. This little girl is a pretty blonde with a white chest and white toes. 




Cream girl sitting.jpeg

Reserved Annette

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