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Female Poodle
Female Poodle

 Born on 4/17/2024
Five Females and Three Males

Francisca and Hiccup

Mini Australian Shepherd
Mini Australian Shepherd

Francisca is an AKC Standard Poodle. She is our first keeper puppy (her mother is Zuri. Franke is super mellow, wants to please, and has a tender heart. Hiccup is an ASDR Toy Australian Shepherd. He runs on the large size of the Toy standards and would be considered a small mini Aussie. Hiccup has the most wonderful temperament, his antics and goofy personality make me laugh daily. This is the second litter for both of these parents and we are very pleased with how they turned out. The puppies will be ready for a new home on 6/11/2024.


5 Females, 3 Males


How will my puppy turn out? 
Testimony from a previous buyer. Click here for images from Frankie and Hiccup's first litter.

Hello! Just wanted to share a quick update on our pups as we near their six-month birthday! Miss Mim is the best! She is such a lover and is so excited to greet everyone in the morning, or when they come home. She loves to snuggle and just jumps up in our laps whenever she wants pets. We joke that Mim is overflowing with personality because everything she does, she does with gusto and loves being the center of attention😅. She absolutely loves being outside and is always excited to go on her daily walk around the neighborhood. She is a pro at people-watching and we can always find her sitting at the front window just watching the world go by. Everyone who meets her loves her coloring and personality and almost always asks where we found such a beautiful dog (we always happily pass on your information). Mr Milo is the life of the party! He has such a fun, playful personality and definitely keeps his family on their toes! He has really bonded with their older dog Max and they are almost inseparable ❤️. Just like his sister, Milo loves being outside, trips to the park to play fetch, and going on walks. He is definitely a momma's boy and just loves my sister to pieces. He knows he is her dog. He’s not quite as cuddly as Mim, but he loves being around people and getting pets and just soaks up all the attention. They love his coloring (my sister says he needs a bow tie on his collar because he looks like he’s wearing a tuxedo). Milo is a little taller and longer than Mim. Mim is about 18lbs now and Milo is just under 24lbs. Mim’s coat has turned quite curly while Milo’s is more wavy. Both of them are amazing dogs! They are both super smart and learn new commands quickly. They love playing together and we try to make it a point to get together every couple of weeks so they can play. (Somehow we don’t have any pictures of them together 🤷🏻‍♀️)Frankie and Hiccup make some beautiful, amazing puppies! We are so glad we found you and will come back to you in the future when we’re ready to add another furry friend to our family❤️ Minda Bates Family

Female Aussiedoodle

Female Three $1400

The smallest puppy in the litter. This pretty girl will have one blue eye and one green (at this time). She is very attentive and shows a high degree of intelligence. She loves to hang out but is also confident and likes to explore.


Male One $1400

The smallest male in the litter. He has a quiet disposition and loves to snuggle with me. He is steadfast and easy to bond with. If you are looking for a cuddle bug this is your guy.


Male Three $1400

This delightful puppy has a very outgoing personality and is very people-oriented. He has long legs and a long body and will be shaped more like his mother. This puppy is adventurous and confident. I think he will make a great family companion.

Female Two
$1900, Reserved
Jenna, Spokane


Female One $1900,
Reserved, Jesse, Meridian Id.


Female Four $1900, RESERVED 
Josephine, Wyoming


Female Five $1700 Reserved
Bryan and Minda, Nampa ID.

Male Two $1800
Reserved, Sarah, WA.

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