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At Arena Valley Acres we put a lot of time and love into our puppies. Puppy Culture protocols are followed before the puppies are born and continue until the puppies go to their new homes. I recently started using AVID resources and like the results I am seeing. We introduce the puppies to a large variety of stimuli and activities to develop well rounded family companions. Following is information that will be helpful to you when deciding to purchase a puppy from us.

  • Estimated size will be 40 to 60 lbs.

  • AKC Registration

  • A 2 year health guarantee is provided for your puppy.

  • A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to hold a puppy.

  • Delivery to certain areas is included in the price.

  • You can arrange to visit your puppy after 6 weeks of age.

  • You will receive weekly updates on your puppy through pictures and videos. I will be glad to face time with you upon appointment.

  • If you have a name picked out for your puppy please let me know so I can start using it with training.

  • Puppies are litter box trained.

  • Puppies are started on crate training.

  • Puppies come with a start up care package.

  • Basic Obedience is started

  • First shots and health check by a certified vet will be completed before your puppy goes home.

  • Puppies have ENS (early neurological stimulus) performed from day 3 to 16.

  • Puppies are introduced to a large variety of noises, activities, toys, children, cats, other dogs, etc. to provide a well rounded puppy.

  • Poppy is AKC registered Standard Poodle (40lbs), Jack is AKC registered Standard Poodle (60lbs). Both parents are genetically clear on diseases for their breeds. (please view the sire and dam tab for this information). 

  • Puppies are whelped in our home and then moved to their own "puppy palace" from 4 weeks on. 

  • We worm the puppies on a two week rotation and the puppies will be health checked and receive their first vaccinations from our veterinarian.

  • References from previous buyers are available to contact (or see our testimonial page)

  • Buyers are required to sign a contract for the Health Guarantee. 

  • We can arrange Facetime to view puppies with an appointment.

Jack #4.jpg




Born 8/23/2021


The only female in the litter. She is sweet, confident, and a lighter body frame like her mom. SOLD


Female: Tuxedo Parti

5 Males


Male 1: Largest puppy in the litter. This boy has long legs and will be a similar size to his dad. Tri Sable, Stunning! 

Male #1: Tri Sable Sold


Male #2: Sable

Male two is a beautiful sable. He has a wonderful caramel undercoat and dark top coat. He will be absolutely stunning when he is fully developed. One of the smaller stockier puppies in the litter. This guy has the best recall and always comes when called.


Male #3: Dark Cream Abstract and Male #4: Light Cream Abstract
Both are Sold


Male #4 is the stockiest puppy and also the friendliest. He is very people oriented and is always the first to greet me and love on me.

Male #3 has a darker cream wavy coat with a light white chest and stomach. He is curious, plays nicely and checks in with me for loves. He is the smaller cream male but not by much.


Male #5: Tuxedo Parti Sold


Male #5 has long legs like male #1. He will also be around the size of his dad. He is playful but reserved at times. He likes to hang back and see what kind of trouble his siblings are getting into. This guy also loves to explore on his own.

IMG_3680 (1).jpeg

Male #6: Black Abstract

This puppy is the smallest in the litter and will be a small standard. He is the most confident puppy in the litter and has no problem standing up to his bigger siblings. He loves to be held and give kisses. Sweet and spicy!


Male #6 Sold

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